Caleb Sigmon LIVE! Theatre of Illusion

An evening of grand illusion and make believe!

Mar 15-16, 2025 | McColl Family Theatre
One Act, approx 60 min | For all ages

You’ve never seen a magic show like this! Shadows come to life, fireflies dance around the theatre, and a play-pretend dragon’s roar will rumble your seats. Step into Caleb Sigmon’s enchanting world of wonder as the McColl Family Theatre transforms into a playground of impossible wonders in this fully immersive and all-new illusion show premiering in Charlotte! Don’t miss this jam-packed evening of back-to-back miracles, with miracles that take place 360° around the theatre, and even over your heads! It’s the don’t-miss magic show that the entire family will love! Get ready to suspend your disbelief, hold your breath, and dive into a world where anything can (and will) happen! Your family will be left spellbound and in awe of what is possible when we use our imaginations.
Themes: Wonder, illusion, the power of imagination

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Caleb Sigmon LIVE! Theatre of Illusion

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