The Ghost of Spinter Cove

The Ghost of Splinter Cove

March 22 to Apr. 7, 2019
Wells Fargo Playhouse

Recommended for ages 8 and older


By Steven Dietz
Nate and Cora’s family has a secret. One night while the siblings are having fun with a new friend in their basement, this secret unearths a mystery that transports them on the adventure of their lives. Along the way, they discover things about both their family and themselves that will change them forever. The Ghost of Splinter Cove conjures a world of mystery in the wilderness ... but be careful – you may get lost in what’s real and what’s not.

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte collaborated to create The Second Story Project, a unique commissioning of two plays by the same playwright, written with an interwoven theme. Both plays are set in the same house on the same evening but take place on different levels. The Ghost of Splinter Cove has young people at the center of the story. Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte’s companion piece, The Great Beyond, takes place on the house’s main floor from the point of view of the family’s adults. Both plays are independent and stand on their own. However, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the characters and storylines by experiencing both plays.

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The Great Beyond
March 14 to April 6
Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

Commissioned by ATC, and part of the two play collaboration with Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, this original work by acclaimed playwright Steven Dietz explores the questions around a family tragedy and how it impacts the survivors.

See both shows and save $$$ - When you purchase tickets for The Ghost of Splinter Cove, you'll be emailed a discount code and a link to use for Actor's Theatre of Charlotte's companion piece, The Great Beyond. See both productions to get the whole story!

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