School of Theatre Training

School of Theatre Training (SOTT) offers your student a 20-week program studying the skills and techniques of theatre. Classes vary at every age level, guaranteeing we can meet them “right where they are” in their development.

Our training is Stanislavski based. It presents a way of performing truthfully on stage through a set of imaginary circumstances. SOTT is structured as follows:
Open Enrollment (Foundations, Core, Focus, and Tech) - These classes do not need an audition and include acting, musical theatre and behind-the-scenes options. Jump into performance or technical theatre with a heavy emphasis on teamwork!
Conservatory - These classes are only available by audition each spring for the following year. Master Teaching Artists lead small groups of students. This allows for a flexible curriculum, meeting each student’s individual needs.

SOTT Students will...

  • Present a showcase for family and friends at the end of session.
  • Receive written evaluations by their Teaching Artists to show growth.
  • Receive an opportunity to join OnStage, connecting the classroom with a professional theatre experience.


3rd - 12th Grade
For students who are new to the SOTT program


4th - 12th Grade
For students who have completed a Foundations class


5th - 12th Grade
For students who have completed a Core class


6th - 12th Grade
For students interested in behind-the-scenes technical work