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Classes are held at ImaginOn, 300 E 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28202 | MAP

Education Team

EG Engle, Director of Education
Adam Montague, Early Childhood & SOTT Manager
Mary Katherine Smith, Camps & Community Programs Manager
Cat Koski, Education Operations & Administrative Manager
Karen Steele, Resident Teaching Artist
Breana Venablé, Resident Teaching Artist
Meet our Teaching Artists

Program Overview

This is a comprehensive multi-week program for studying the skills and techniques of theatre. Our training is Stanislavski based. It presents a way of performing truthfully on stage through a set of imaginary circumstances.
Students who take part in any 10- or 20-week SOTT class are invited to audition for OnStage, a unique performance opportunity. Please note that attendance and classroom behavior may affect eligibility.

  Mid-Session Drop-Ins & Showcases

  • Each session is an independent experience for students to learn and explore. With the exception of some of our 5-week Supplemental classes, there are opportunities for families to observe class, and you will receive an email from your Teaching Artist about them. See the chart below to know what is available for your class.
  • Mid-session Drop-in provides an opportunity for families to observe the class as a “fly-on-the-wall.” Video and photography are discouraged at this time. Please wait until the Showcase.
  • For most of our classes, the session ends with a Showcase for families and friends. Demonstrations of exercises and activities facilitated by both students and the Teaching Artists surround selections of monologues, scenes and songs.
Foundations of Theatre (20-weeks) Yes Yes
Core or Focus Class (10-weeks) No Yes
Tech Class (10-weeks) No Yes
Beg./Interm. Broadway Dance Class
No Yes
Modern/Tap Dance Class (10-weeks) No Yes
OnStage Prep (5-weeks) No No

  Communication With Families

We are committed to providing you with all the information needed to be prepared and have a wonderful class experience.
  • One month prior to the start of class you will receive a reminder email with brief information about your class and a reminder about our cancellation policy. This reminder is sent to the email address you used at registration.
  • One week prior to the start of class you will receive an email with important information about class. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at
  • Following each weekly class, you will receive an email from your Teaching Artist about class content and activities. Feel free to ask any questions in that reply.
  • At the end of the session, you will receive a written evaluation about your student's growth, as well as recommendations for future classes.

  Policies and Other Information

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Inclusive Classrooms
All classes at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte are inclusive. Open communication with families helps us create a successful environment for every student. The Education Staff will note any allergies, chronic illness or medical conditions that were listed on your registration form. This information is only shared with Education Staff as necessary.
Contact Adam Montague if you want to discuss your student’s needs further or have any tips or strategies to help them be successful.

Absence Policy
Theatre is a team sport, so we encourage the whole team to be present and ready to work for every class! If your student will be absent for any reason, notify your Teaching Artist as well as in advance. If it is a last-minute emergency or occurs during class time, call the Class Assistant at 704-236-6638 as soon as you are able.
Because each class builds on activities from earlier classes, absences will affect whole group projects and smaller, scene partner involvement. There are no refunds or make-up sessions for missed classes.
We also encourage students to take part in productions at their school or in their community. But students who have excessive absences may not be recommended to advance to the next class or may have limited participation in the final Showcase. Additionally, it may affect their eligibility for OnStage.

Discipline Policy
Our goal is that every student will have a wonderful experience in class, and we encourage positive reinforcement and conflict management and resolution. In the case that we encounter behavior that negatively impacts the class environment, the following incremental course of action will be taken:
  1. Teaching Artist will talk with the student individually.
  2. Student is asked to step away from the activitivy until the Teaching Artist invites the student to return.
  3. Teaching Artist will speak with the parent/guardian after class and/or send an email.
  4. If the behavior continues, Education Administration contacts the parent/guardian and further action is determined. Grounds for immediate suspension or removal include but are not limited to causing physical harm, putting him/herself or others in danger, and harmful behaviors towards staff.

Inclement Weather & Building Closings
If the ImaginOn building is closed due to severe weather or some other emergency, Children’s Theatre will not hold classes. We will send out a text alert through EZ Text. Please make sure your account has your current cell number listed as the preferred number. Text alerts will be sent to the preferred number. You may also check the homepage for updated information.

Illness & Personal Emergencies
Please do not bring students to class if they are showing any of the symptoms listed below. Symptoms include:
  • Fever - Defined as having a temperature of 100.5°F or higher.
  • Vomiting - Please do not bring your student to class if they have vomited within the previous 12 hours.
  • Rash or Spots - Defined as frequent scratching of the body or scalp, lice, rash, or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases, including ringworm.
If a child becomes ill during class, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up them up. If they cannot be reached, the staff will call the emergency contact listed on the registration form. In the event of a serious emergency, 911 will be called first.

Video & Photography
Both are allowed for the final Showcase. Recordings are for at home, personal use only. Please don’t post these on social media. We ask you to avoid flash photography of any kind. Children’s Theatre of Charlotte does not produce or sell media/recordings. Photographs of students taken in class by Education Staff may be used in promotional materials.

Refund & Transfer Policy
Refunds: A full refund for SOTT classes may be requested prior to these deadlines:
  • 1 month before the first day of class = 100% refund
  • 2 weeks before the first day of class = 50% refund
  • 1 week before the first day of class = 25% refund
  • No refunds from the day programming begins.
Transfers: Registration can be transferred to another session in the same program as the original registration, subject to availability.

Refund / Transfer Request

  SOTT Important Dates

Classes take place as scheduled on holidays and Charlotte-Mecklenburg School workdays unless noted.
Sept 18 at 7 PM Virtual Orientation for Fall Session
Sept 25 - 30 First day of classes for Fall Session
Oct 31 Halloween, Tuesday | no SOTT classes
Nov 20 - 25 Thanksgiving week | no SOTT classes
Dec 4 - 9 Mid-Session for 20-week | Showcase for Fall 10-week
Dec 12 Make-up day for Halloween, Tuesday
Jan 3 at 7 PM Virtual Orientation for Winter Session
Jan 8 - 13 First day of classes for Winter Session
Feb 21 at 7 PM OnStage Interest Meeting
Mar 11 - 16 Showcase for 20-week | Showcase for Winter 10- week
Mar 17 - 18 OnStage Auditions
Mar 25 OnStage Callbacks
April 8 at 7 PM OnStage Parent Meeting & Orientation
April 15 - May 16 OnStage Rehearsals
April 28 Auditions, SOTT Conservatory for 2024-25
May 17 - 19 OnStage Performances

Have Any Questions?

Box Office
Email | 704-973-2828 (noon-5 PM, M-F)
Education Operations & Administrative Manager
Cat Koski | 704-973-2837
Class Assistant
Email | 704-973-2812
Early Childhood & SOTT Manager
Adam Montague | 704-973-2836

ImaginOn | 704-416-4600
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Thank you for participating in the education programs at Children's Theatre of Charlotte!