School of Theatre Training | Conservatory

6th - 12th Grade | Offered at ImaginOn | Tuition $750 | 20-weeks

Placement is by audition only. Before auditioning, we expect students to have a working knowledge of given circumstances, objectives, tactic/beat shifts, etc. There should be evidence of this in their performance with some coaching from a Teaching Artist. Additionally, there is a need for work outside of class including script reading, written analysis, and extensive memorization.
Auditions for the 2023-24 season will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2023, from 12:30-9 PM.

Conservatory classes are for students looking to deep dive into their technique and training. While we use monologues, scenes and songs to explore technique in these classes, the emphasis is on developing a process that can be applied consistently to any work you may encounter in the future.

Click here to submit your information and materials, as well as choose an available one-hour time slot. All students should be dressed to move. During your audition:
  • You will perform a short dance combination in large and small groups.
  • New Works and Acting Company candidates must perform 2 monologues.
  • Musical Theatre Company candidates must perform 1 monologue and 16-32 bar cut of a musical theatre song.
  • Pre-Professional candidates may perform either of the options listed above.

Please prepare a maximum of 90 seconds of material. If it runs longer, the timekeeper will ask you to stop. Be prepared to perform your monologue or song multiple times with re-directs from Teaching Artists. Candidates who are singing MUST bring sheet music for the accompanist.

If you have other questions, contact Adam Montague, Early Childhood & SOTT Manager.

New Works Class

Join in the creation of an original play with your teacher/director. Develop the script, rehearse, and then perform your play for an audience.

Acting Company

Strengthen the mind-body connection and cultivate observable, physical choices in the student’s work with both classic and modern text. Each evening divides class time between an “Acting” and “Movement for the Actor” block.

Musical Theatre Company

Sharpen the student's dancing and singing technique to better connect with the character’s emotional journey with both solo and group work. Each evening divides class time between an “Acting/Vocal” and “Musical Theatre Dance” block.

Pre-Professional Company

Our most advanced students will explore various theatre methodologies deepening their craft of acting. This class also offers an integrated approach to entering the industry. Topics include refining your artistic “point-of-view,” creating your own work, and taking care of yourself as a professional.

Students will...

  • Join small group classes taught by master Teaching Artists.
  • Present a showcase for family and friends at the end of session.
  • Receive written evaluations by Teaching Artists to show growth.
  • Receive early registration to OnStage before opening to other SOTT students.

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