Dance Classes

Consistent dance or movement training is critical to an actor’s development, and it can be overwhelming when taking those first steps. Our dance classes have the beginner in mind, so students feel more confident with terminology and choreography. Classes meet once a week, in a 10-week or 20-week block for beginning classes, and in a 20-week block for advanced classes.
  • Beginning Broadway
    5th - 12th Grade | $250 for 10 weeks & $500 for 20 weeks
    You’ll have a blast mixing elements from ballet and jazz styles! Students will increase body awareness while exploring across-the-floor exercises and dance combinations.
  • Intermediate Broadway
    9th - 12th Grade | $500 for 20 weeks
    Looking for that next leg up? Build on the skills from our beginner class while exploring more challenging combinations and “telling a story through dance.”
  • Time to Tap
    6th - 12th Grade | $500 for 20 weeks
    Tap classes develop rhythm and musicality. Students will learn basic technique while exploring Broadway and rhythm styles. Learn how to make that "tap sound!"