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School of Theatre Training - Conservatory Classes

These Acting and Musical Theatre companies offer a rigorous track of study for students looking for advanced instruction in School of Theatre Training (SOTT). They are conducted by a small group of master teaching artists, allowing for in-depth, yet flexible curriculum that meets the individualized needs of each student. Students are placed based on ability.

  • Every session ends with a showcase for families and friends to see the materials Conservatory students have explored throughout the year. Demonstrations of exercises and activities facilitated by both students and the teaching artists surround selections of monologues, scenes and songs.
  • Every student is given mid-point and end-of-year evaluations by their teaching artist to track progress. Class recommendations are given for the following year. Conservatory students must audition every year. Previous enrollment does not guarantee placement.
  • OnStage is an opportunity to apply learned skills in a professional theatre experience. Conservatory students are offered early registration into before enrollment opens to other SOTT students.
  • Students are encouraged to take dance classes through Children’s Theatre of Charlotte or another company.

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Payment Plans Available
during registration on orders $200+

Closed Auditions - Sign-up for your audition slot. See requirements on sign-up page.
Young Company | Grade 6-9 | Tuition: $475/session

Students rotate between acting and musical theatre focuses to emphasize training of the whole actor and bring awareness to the student’s areas of needed growth. This class introduces students to different acting methodologies and dance training with a focus on ballet technique. Students are introduced to deeper play and character analysis that will be needed as they continue in the Conservatory program. There is an expectation of additional work outside of class, including script reading and memorization.

Acting / Musical Theatre Company | Grade 7-12 | Tuition: $475/session

Offers two separate tracks: Acting Company and Musical Theatre Company. Students in both companies study a technique-driven curriculum integrating the skills necessary for performance (beats, objectives, tactics, etc.). Students engage in monologue and scene work to apply their study in play and character analysis. Acting Company emphasizes strengthening the mind-body connection, cultivating observable physical choices in the student’s work. Musical Theatre Company emphasizes dance training with a focus on dance calls for auditioning. There is an expectation of additional work outside of class, including script reading and extensive memorization. Students should arrive warmed-up and ready to begin work.

Pre-Professional Company | Grade 10-12 | Tuition: $575/session

Students work in a group format focusing on “connection with the other” (more scene work as opposed to monologue.) It is assumed that students have basic, working knowledge of their physical and vocal selves and are prepared for advanced application. It is also assumed that the students have basic, working knowledge of the fundamentals of acting and are ready to apply this knowledge in real time with others. This course will utilize advanced Viewpoints technique to explore movement through space and vocal production specifically as it relates to scene work. Finally, students will engage in scene work and begin connecting both play and character analysis with their advanced actor choices. This process will allow the students to begin cultivation of their individual artistic voice. This will require extensive work outside of the class setting including written play and character analysis as well as memorization and rehearsal with others.

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Education Team

Michelle Long
Director of Education

Adam Montague
Early Childhood & School of Theatre Training Manager

Karen Steele
Resident Teaching Artist

Stephanie Hurtado-Hoyos
Education Administrative Assistant

For more information about our education programs call 704-973-2837. Se habla español.