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NOTE: We are continuing to plan our 2020-2021 season as we monitor social distancing and other guidelines. We will update this page in the next few weeks as more policy decisions are made by various school systems and government agencies. If you have questions, please contact Dallas Morris , School Performance Coordinator.

All our productions meet specific North Carolina Language and Theatre Arts Curriculum Standards. In fact, we even provide you ►Resource Guides prior to your field trip that detail the specific curricular ties. These free guides feature creative activities to help support teachers’ lesson plans and reinforce curricular connections before and after your field trip. Links to each show's Resource Guide will be added here as they are completed.
School Performance Notes:
  • School performances are for student groups of 20 or more.
  • Tickets for our 2020-2021 season range from $10 to $15 per person, tax included.
  • Teachers and chaperones must purchase a ticket and be included in the total reservation.
  • No children 4 years of age or younger are permitted to attend school performances.
  • ►Click here to read the full School Performance Terms and Conditions.
For more booking details, see our School Performances FAQs - you may also email or call School Performance Coordinator, Dallas Morris at 704-973-2829.

Exciting News for Independent Homeschool Families
Want to experience the wonderful stories brought to life by Children’s Theatre of Charlotte but aren’t part of a group of 20 or more students? No worries. You can still attend a school show. The details:
  • One daytime performance of each show will be designated for smaller homeschool groups.
  • Discount pricing still applies making school shows an affordable option.
  • Reserve your spot and provide payment via check or credit card.
Interested? Email or call School Performance Coordinator, Dallas Morris at 704-973-2829.